About Us


Gamma Design Center was established in 1979 and has continued to grow up to now. The company is engaged in providing office and home furniture that is suited to the needs of clients. The business also provides reupholster works, partition creation, and assembly, and repair works. The business has been catering to various companies within different industries such as that of the automotive, education, construction, food, real estate, retail, financial, and many more.

Our Purpose

Gamma Design Center aims to provide furniture to newly constructed offices and condominiums while it seeks to update worn out fixtures of existing commercial, residential, and office clients with modern designs at reasonable prices.

Our Mission

Gamma Design Center exists to be the preferred provider of modern, good-quality, and affordable home and office furniture while giving services that improve the conditions of existing items in residential, commercial, and office venues.

Our Vision

Gamma Design Center aims to create an ideal, comfortable and efficient working and home environment that evry office, business and household deserves.

Our Goals

As a growing company, the goal is to get to know more clients who are interested in creating their own offices or homes and present to them the available products and services. Along with this, the company aims to further improve the quality of products and services provided. Gamma Design Center strives to be the preferred supplier by building stronger foundations with existing clients and by delivering beyond expectations.

Scope of Work

1. Provide knock-down type furniture items such as tablets, cabinets,
chairs, and so forth.
2. Provide modular chairs with degrees of customization based
on preferred colors and covers within a selection of swatches.
3. Assess andd reepair furniture items.
4. Reupholster work for existing sofa, office chairs, bed cushions.
5. Create and install partitions based on providied specfications.